1. Humans
Only some of the human beings in the book came from the Earth. They have settlements on every planet they like, which is more than a half of all planets there are.
2. Ruuians
Ruuians are originally from the planet Lithios, but before the war, they had a huge empire consisting of more than fifty planets in thirty-five star systems. However, after they took the rebels' side, the Supreme Government took over the planets, leaving the Ruuians just a few. These humanoids are usually 190-200 cm tall and weigh around 250 lbs. They're not fat, though - their bones are just heavy and they're very muscular. They usually ride creatures called Yatas. Their skin is really hard and almost-anything-resistant, and you need a good blaster to wound an armored Ruuian. However, if they still get injured, they heal quickly and very rarely die because of the wounds.
3. Kroathi
Kroathi are a race of skinny, pale aliens with big blue, yellow, or brown eyes. They have usually black or any other dark-colored hair, which they like to dye and usually cut short. They look very much like humans, except for that they don't have eyebrows, their faces are a bit longer and their lips are almost invisible. Also, they are usually around 250 cm tall, while their body weight rarely goes above 100 lbs. They have two hearts - if one is injured, the other one substitutes it while it's healing. Unfortunately, Kroathi with wounded hearts can not fight or else they might die from a heart attack.
4. Luvendorgs
A race of photosynthetic humanoid aliens who have extremely large brains. They are almost completely dependent on computer systems engineered by Supreme Government. They joined the Snakes after being promised wealth and power, and currently serve as scientists.
4. Sooirg
Even though male Sooirg serve as scientists for Bluejays, females decided to try themselves as pilots and stromtroopers. They are smart and really dig anywhere in the technology field.  They are humanoid aliens who have scaly skin. Their home-world is known to have been the site of an ancient alien outpost over three thousand years ago. They have highly ordered and logical minds, and they are obsessed with mathematics and statistics. Their average height is 190 cm (like humans) and they weigh no more than 150 lbs.
5. Lusrizis
A race of humanoid aliens who have incredible regenerative abilities and four arms. After they joined the rebels, their government had lost control, and they're still sometimes hunted by the Supreme Interglactic Government (SIG).
6. Quazites
A race of humanoid aliens who have bony breast-plates and over-active sweat glands. They grow thick coats of fur during the winter months but shed them in the spring. They serve the Snakes.
To be continued...